Myradym to Offer Its Fish Products to Consumers This Fall

Myradym to Offer Its Fish Products to Consumers This Fall
Artificial reservoir named Garaşsyzlygyň 15 ýyllygy

The individual enterprise Myradym, a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, is working on the reproduction and rearing of various species of commercial fish in water basins and lakes of the country based on best practices and scientific rationale.

Upon the request by Hazarbalyk open joint stock company, Myradym had built a modern enterprise for sturgeon farming and caviar production in an area of ​​15 hectares on the Caspian Sea coast in the Turkmenbashi etrap of Balkan province in 2015.

Having planned the construction of a new enterprise in the east of the country, Myradym acquired artificial reservoir, named Garaşsyzlygyň 15 ýyllygy, located in Kerki etrap. Being the country's largest artificial reservoir, it is considered the most convenient place for fisheries.

The specialists of the company have studied the flora and species of fish in the basin, especially their breeding and rearing. They learnt that the purity and transparency of the reservoir contributes to the penetration of sunlight at a 5-8 meter depth and thus creates the conditions for the active germination of various species of aquatic plants on the bottom of the pool. In turn, these plants serve as a natural food resource for fish.

The specialists of the comlany also revealed the mass presence in the basin of six main fish species, including white and striped carplings, carps and catfish. The main part of their diet consists of aquatic plants and insects.

By applying scientific approach to growing fish in the pool, Myradym intends to offer its fish products to consumers this fall. In accordance with the provincial regulations, the company has already started to conclude contracts with local fishermen.

Special explanatory work was carried out with the fishermen to comply with the regulations for fishing activities, as well as the conditions for organizing catching with appropriate gear on designated places for fishing at certain times. The company also acquired a special motorized floating craft for fishing, which will also be used to control the activities of local fishermen.

The total area of ​​the artificial reservoirs for growing fish is 1,216 hectares throughout the country. 1,100 hectares of those reservoirs are intended for the habitat of commercial fish, and the rest 116 hectares are pools for growing one-year-old fish.