Körpeje Crew Drilled 14,176 Meters of Rock

Körpeje Crew Drilled 14,176 Meters of Rock

Crew of the Körpeje Drilling Department of the Nebitgazburawlaýyş Trust of the Turkmennebit Group of Companies drilled 14 thousand 176 meters of holes in rocks for the first half of the year, which is significantly more compared to the same period last year.

The main volume of the penetration has an operational purpose, creating a corresponding front of work for the oil and gas field managers of the Esenguly zone. According to geologists, there are rich deposits of oil and hydrocarbon raw materials in this field. The large oil and gas fields – Altyguýy and Kemer – are are seen as evidence. They were discovered in 2010–2011 and the natural gas is currently being successfully extracted at this fields equipped with modern and powerful gas accumulation and gas compressor stations.

Chinese-made ZJ-70DS drilling rig is widely used during the drilling of deep red horizons. Its complex also includes a mobile carriage house. The drilling rig has proved itself powerful in the course of drilling deep rocks in the Uzyn-ada and Altynguýy fields.

During the drilling of wells No. 17 and 330, from which the industrial flow of gas condensate is extracted, the crew of the Körpeje Drilling Department was convinced of the reliability and usefulness of the equipment. They are currently expanding the geography of exploration.