Mahrem Ogul Offers Printing Services to Turkmen Companies

Mahrem Ogul Offers Printing Services to Turkmen Companies

Young but qualified private typography Mährem Ogul has been operating in Turkmen market since November 2016.  An enterprise, specialized in printing services, offers its services to Turkmen private companies and state enterprises.

In an interview with Business Turkmenistan, the head of the enterprise Zaman Jumamyradov said his company closely works with Turkmen entrepreneurs and government agencies.

“We try to satisfy every client’s wish who has applied for our services. We provide printing, binding and firmware services. If the product does not have a ready-made design for printing, then we create a design considering the preferences of our customers,” says Jumamyradov.

Mährem Ogul provides its custom services in designing and printing of sausage packaging, and label printing for packaging of dairy products, semi-finished products and canned foods, detergents and other goods. Since the beginning of the year, the company has been printing labels for refined Ahal cottonseed oil.

Mahrem Ogul’s current clients include textile complexes of the Ministry of Textile Industry of Turkmenistan, Türkmenstandartlary Main State Service, Ruhabat Trade and Industrial Association, Food Industry Association of Turkmenistan, Abadan Production Enterprise, and private companies Gurban Dag, Täze aý, Bereketli, Elin, Ak-Ýaz and Bereketli Hasyl.