Serdar Etrap Livestock Farm Produces 3 Tons of Milk Daily

Serdar Etrap Livestock Farm Produces 3 Tons of Milk Daily

Livestock breeding complex developed by Kämilligiň Gözbaşy enterprise, which is part of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, in Arkach village of Balkan velayat’s Serdar etrap, breeds European Simmental cattle. This breed of cattle can smoothly adapt to the climate of Turkmenistan.

The complex is equipped with automatic milking machinery, which is capable of milking 32 cows simultaneously. This type of machinery is widely used among modern dairy producers. During the milking process, the milk is transferred to special storage, where it is instantaneously cooled till 4 degree Celsius.

At present, 500 cows are bred in this complex. 170 of them are dairy-type. Three tons of milk is collected from them daily, and then distributed to consumers.

Lucerne, corn and barley are planted in complex’s 500 hectare irrigated land, thus creating large reserve of feed for livestock. Hard-working employees of the complex worthily contribute to the development of farming in Turkmenistan.

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