Asman Marketing Goes Green

Asman Marketing Goes Green

Asman Marketing, Turkmen company specialized in marketing, design and printing, is moving into an eco-friendly office in order to reduce its environmental impact.

According to company’s press release issued on Monday, Asman Marketing attaches particular importance to achieving sustainable development goals and environmentally friendly production.

The company, which outlined the work to move to the eco-friendly office in 10 points, noted that 95% of the papers used in printing are supplied by environmentally friendly paper manufacturers, Navigator and Mondi, holding FSC certificates.

The company emphasized that they use digital document management system instead of paper circulation in internal workflow. “We recycle more than 90% of the paper sheets that are used for printing documents. Our company uses only harmless inks and cartridges in our printing equipment. We also replaced all the conventional lamps used inside the office with LEDs, and planted greenery in the building and in territory nearby,” the company stated in a press release.