Turkmen Producer Ramps Up Production of Plastic Pallets

Turkmen Producer Ramps Up Production of Plastic Pallets
Senagat Plastik Economic Society produces plastic pallets based on orders.

Senagat Plastik Economic Society started with the production of pallets in the western Turkmenistan in 2018. The company launched its second production line in 2019 to keep up with the demand.

The company had the annual production capacity of 240 thousand pallets. With the launch of the second production line this figure doubled. The company uses local raw materials in the production.

Senagat Plastik produces pallets based on orders. The company regularly delivers its products to Kiyanli Polymer Plant and Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries.

The company can also recycle plastic pallets made from polyethylene and polypropylene.

According to the company's specialists, despite the lightness of the company’s plastic pallets, they are able to compete in terms of carrying capacity with similar wooden pallets, and also have a number of other advantages.

Lifting devices can approach plastic pallets from four sides and there is no need to wash these pallets with special detergents to protect them from harmful insects.

The plastic pallets are resistant to drought, cracking, decay, the negative effects of hazardous chemicals, cold and hot climatic conditions, and can also be effectively used in loading, unloading, transportation and storage of all types of products.