Turkmenistan Starts Producing New Medicine From Licorice Root

Turkmenistan Starts Producing New Medicine From Licorice Root
Consult your doctor before taking this medicine.

Saglyk pharmaceutical company of Türkmendermansenagat (Turkmen Medicine Industry) Association launched the production of a new drug from licorice root, the country’s official media reported on Saturday.

Licorice root is an ecologically clean local raw material, rich in vitamin C and essential oils. Its sweetness is 40% higher than that of sugar.

Türkmendermansenagat Association cooperates with foreign companies with the aim of providing the population and medical institutions with quality medicines.

The new drug is a result of studies of the medicinal properties of licorice root, within the framework of an agreement signed between Turkmenistan and the laboratory of the University of Essen in Germany.

The licorice root has a positive effect in treating certain diseases, increasing disease resistance and restoring health. It is widely used medicinally to treat colds, kidney stones, and strengthen the immune system, according to the report.

Turkmenistan also produces ointments, grains and teas from licorice root harvested in the country.

Saglyk pharmaceutical company produces around 150 drugs.

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