TurkmenExporters.com.tm: Export Platform For Businesses

TurkmenExporters.com.tm: Export Platform For Businesses
The portal offers a convenient solution for businesses that desire to ship Made in Turkmenistan products to international markets.

Export performance is regarded as one of the key indicators of business success. The term export, which means selling services or goods to other countries, has become a household term in Turkmenistan's foreign economic and business relations.

The specialists of the TurkmenExporters.com.tm portal informed Business Turkmenistan about the activities of the platform on promoting Turkmen private sector products in foreign markets.

About the B2B platform

The term B2B (Business to Business) has long been familiar to many of us. Marketplaces i.e business platforms like Alibaba.com, Made-in-China.com, Indiamart.com, Azexport.az and Turkishexporter.com.tr have gained significant ground in global commerce.

The digital solution of Türkmen Eksport, Import & Söwda Hyzmatlary company has made it possible for domestic businesses to do business in B2B format.

How can businesses benefit from TurkmenExporters.com.tm?

TurkmenExporters.com.tm portal, developed by Türkmen Eksport, Import & Söwda Hyzmatlary, offers Turkmen products to potential foreign buyers. It provides a convenient solution for businesses that desire to ship Made in Turkmenistan products to international markets.

Where can Turkmen businesses search for potential buyers? What do you need to do to promote your services or products abroad?

The businesses should already know that when google searching export products of Turkmenistan, TurkmenExporters.com.tm shows up as the first search result. A potential foreign buyer can easily browse on the website the services or products of Turkmen businesses.

Benefits of the export portal:

  • the first search result in Google.
  • operates in 4 languages: Turkmen, Russian, English and Turkish.
  • promotes in one place the services and goods in different directions such as food, household goods, textile products, building materials, transport and logistics services, legal advice, and tourism.
  • saves time and money. It takes time and money for businesses to open a separate website for their company, and to periodically update it. Also, foreign buyers also get exhausted while looking through more than a hundred websites to find the right product. Instead, the placement of goods and services of many businesses on one site is effective for both sides.

TurkmenExporters.com.tm concludes an agreement with a business and on the basis of this agreement places on its portal reliable information. Thus, foreign buyers are able to order the necessary goods, after which the application is sent directly to the sales manager of the manufacturing company. The pages of the portal also indicate the contact information of the manager such as name, telephone numbers, address of the enterprise, e-mail address.

TurkmenExporters.com.tm was developed in 2016 and launched in 2017. The portal is an advanced trading platform in Turkmenistan, which allows domestic businesses to promote themselves and their products in international markets.

The following link provides more information on the leading Turkmen export platform.