Demirgazyk Sovda Yoly announces tender for installation of software "1C: Accounting 8"

Demirgazyk Sowda Yoly Economic Society announces tender No.10-ХO for installation of software "1C: Accounting 8 for Turkmenistan"

To participate in the tender, parties are invited to:

  • submit a written application on the applicant's official letterhead addressed to the director of the company about the desire to participate in the tender, signed by an authorized person and sealed, indicating the full name of the participant, his legal status, country of registration and details (from companies registered or having bank accounts in offshore zones, applications are not accepted).
  • get the terms of reference (specification).
  • submit a tender offer.

Tender proposals are accepted within 10 (ten) calendar days from the date of the official publication of the announcement, but no later than 18.00 local time on the 10th calendar day.

A package of commercial (tender) proposals must be provided in the following form:

A package of commercial (tender) proposals must be submitted in envelopes (envelope "A" - general and technical conditions, envelope "B" - financial proposals).

Proposals received later than the above deadline will not be accepted.

Providing clarifying information about the conditions of participation in the tender and obtaining the conditions of the tender are carried out at the address below.


+993 222-2-07-34



Turkmenistan, Balkanabat, quarter 211, 72, Hazar shopping center, UIET building, 4th floor
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