Kiyanly Petrochemical Plant Produces Over 80 Thousand Tons of Polymers

Kiyanly polymer plant produced about 68 thousand tons of various types of polyethylene and more than 12.67 thousand tons of polypropylene since the beginning of the year, the website of the oil and gas complex reports.

The products of the gas chemical complex, located in the village of Kiyanly of the Balkan velayat, are in high demand in international markets. Russia, the Republic of Korea, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, the Marshall Islands, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan are the main buyers of polymer products from the complex.

Turkmengaz State Concern signed an agreement with Korea’s LG International Corp, Hyundai Engineering and Japan’s TOYO Engineering on the construction of a gas chemical complex for the production of polyethylene and polypropylene in September 2013. Based on the agreement, a gas chemical complex construction project was completed in Turkmenistan with a total value of over $3.4 billion.

The plant annually processes 5 billion cubic meters of natural gas to produce polyethylene and polypropylene. The residual volume of natural gas from the production of raw materials, which is 4.5 billion cubic meters, is sent to the gas pipeline system in order to be used as fuel. The annual production capacity of the gas-chemical complex is 386 thousand tons of polyethylene and 81 thousand tons of polypropylene.