Production of Additives for Emulsion Paints Launched in Magdanly

Production of Additives for Emulsion Paints Launched in Magdanly
Water-based paint Trend made in Turkmenistan

Production facility for chemically precipitated chalk was opened at construction materials factory in Magdanly city of Lebap Velayat. The equipment for the production was jointly installed by specialists of the facility and Turkmenmashinstroy Concern.

Chemically precipitated chalk will be made of local limestone, which is produced from the pits in the northern region of the country – natural treasury for construction materials industry. More than 12 tons of additives for production of emulsion paints have been produced since the start of the reactors.

Previously, all volumes was imported by the state and private companies from abroad. New production received high remarks and the certificate of conformity with the world standards.

Based on the technology developed at the facility, the limestone is crushed and sent to furnace where it is heated up for 72 hours at the temperature of more than 1,200 C. It removes carbon dioxide and calcium oxide is received after removing water from limestone. At the next stage, the material is milled and turned into limestone jelly where carbon is added. The substance is mixed and crystalized afterwards. Chalk particles are formed and shaped up depending on the area of application.

Adding precipitated chalk to the composition of paint allows to stabilize the content and improve the quality of material including brightness, shining and mechanical characteristics.

Chemically precipitated chalk is also widely used for production of high quality paper, plastic, and rubber materials. It is also used for production of toothpaste, cosmetics and in pharmacy.