Dayhanbank Card Users Reach Close to 1.5 Million

Dayhanbank Card Users Reach Close to 1.5 Million

The total number of users of bank cards of the Dayhanbank State Commercial Bank of Turkmenistan is now close to 1.5 million people, more than 405 thousand of which are agricultural tenants. The number of family card users is around 2 thousand, and the number of deposit bank card users has exceeded 21 thousand people.

Dayhanbank has installed 1,029 ATMs, 512 of which are located in farmers associations and villages. 7,312 payment terminals were also installed, including 2,296 in rural areas.

The system of cashless payments is expanding in Turkmenistan. Using bank cards via payment terminals and ATMs, residents make purchases at sales and service points, pay for services of communications and healthcare institutions, motor fuel, state insurance, railway and airlines tickets and credit debts.

ATMs by financial institutions of the country are installed in places of mass residence in accessible and convenient points. Using ATMs and online banking services, residents can pay for medical insurance, mobile and Internet services, landline phones, IP-television, bank loans and interests. The card holders are provided with SMS notification to control the movement of funds in the account.

The banking system in Turkmenistan is modernized in accordance with the State Program for Development of Banking Sector in Turkmenistan over the 2011-2030 periods.