Men Telekeçi Inspires Young Entrepreneurs

Men Telekeçi Inspires Young Entrepreneurs
Farhad Artykov, Business Development Director at Akylly Tilsimat, speaking at the forum on Monday.

Young Turkmen entrepreneurs and their experienced counterparts took part in the Age of Young Entrepreneurs forum in Ashgabat on Friday. The aim of the forum was to facilitate the implementation of new business ideas.

The forum, held at the Archabil Hotel, is part of the Men Telekeçi (I Am an Entrepreneur) project designed by the Turkmen company Akylly Tilsimat.

At the beginning of the forum, Mahri Ahmedova, the executive of the company, talked about the meanings of the words “startup” and “entrepreneurship”. She then explained the types of entrepreneurial activities in Turkmenistan and legislation in this regard, including the relations between employees and companies.

The project received financial support from the British Embassy in Turkmenistan in July. Eldar Latypov, the specialist of the Embassy responsible for projects and development and energy, noted that they have supported several projects in Turkmenistan so far and expressed pride to be supporting the Men Telekeçi project.

During the forum, Andrey Skopov, the head of the Orlan employment agency’s consulting department, gave a speech about "the first 10 steps that lead to success". He emphasized the importance of the initial step in order for the business to succeed and outlined the questions that young entrepreneurs should ask themselves at this stage.

“It is important to listen to others’ advice, but your initial idea should not be forgotten. Difficulties should not necessarily need to be avoided, it is necessary to seek new ways to overcome them," he added.

Farhad Artykov, Business Development Director at Akylly Tilsimat, gave a speech under the motto "Specialists - the solution to everything." He noted that the workforce in companies must be divided into three groups - news followers, those who carry out in-depth searches and the ones who negotiate, stressing that these are the main abilities that managers should look for when selecting specialists.

Maksat Chariyev, the marketing representative of Caspy Creative company, DEM Promotion's Director Elhan Izatov, and Haknazar Babaguliyev, the founder of Ak Sahypa, also gave speeches at the forum.

Akylly Tilsimat held the project's first forum on April 16 this year.