Hoşzaman Poultry Complex Raises First Millionth Chicken

Hoşzaman Poultry Complex Raises First Millionth Chicken
The complex includes 13 aviaries intended to raise 2 million chickens aged from one to 90 days.

Poultry complex of Hoşzaman private enterprise, located in Ahal velayat’s Baherden etrap, raised the first millionth chicken.

The new project of local entrepreneurs’ aims to create a base for the reproduction of chickens in Turkmenistan. Within the new project, entrepreneurs have already sold 560 thousand layers, egg laying hens, which have reached 3 months age.

In September last year, the complex bought chickens of the breed Lohmann lsl classic that are widely distributed in Europe and other regions of the world. These chickens are of German origin and their name derives from the company Lohmann Tierzucht GmbH.

The German company bred the new chicken breed as a result of selection works in the 1970s. The breed has almost ideal characteristics for farming them in order to obtain eggs - increased productivity, good survival rate both in cold and in hot climatic conditions.

The Hoşzaman poultry complex includes a hatchery with an annual capacity of 2 million eggs that is equipped with innovative solutions from Pas Reform (Netherlands), one of the world leaders in this field. The first batch of eggs obtained from own chickens that were raised from purchased ones were laid in incubators in April this year. And now, 200 thousand chickens hatch here every month. The complex also includes 13 aviaries intended to raise 2 million chicken hatchlings aged from one to 90 days.

Hoşzaman has been operating in Turkmenistan’s food industry for 15 years. Recently, new aviaries were built on the company’s chicken complex, which is equipped with high end machinery from Kutlusan company (Turkey), intended to keep 26 thousand chickens.