Myradym Catches 50 Tons of Fish in Its Private Reservoirs

Myradym Catches 50 Tons of Fish in Its Private Reservoirs
Myradym Individual Enterprise employs 110 fishermen in its reservoirs.

Myradym Individual Enterprise, engaged in fishing in 15 years of Independence and Duyeboyun reservoirs, has caught around 50 tons of fish since the beginning of the year and delivered over 47 tons of it to consumers.

The company employs 110 fishermen in its reservoirs located in Lebap velayat in the northeastern Turkmenistan. They are provided with special boats and other equipment necessary for fishing.

More than 10 species of fish, such as grass carp, catfish, silver carp, rams, carp, and zander can be found in the reservoir of the company.

The company owns two refrigerated warehouses with a capacity of 30 tons each for storage of caught fish near the reservoirs, and one warehouse with a capacity of 50 tons in Turkmenabat, central city of the velayat.

Myradym also constructs a rice processing plant in the velayat’s Kerki etrap. The complex, with an annual processing capacity of 10 thousand tons, will clean, package and deliver rice to the consumers.