GS1 Turkmenistan Marks Its Six-Year Anniversary

GS1 Turkmenistan Marks Its Six-Year Anniversary
GS1 Turkmenistan assigns to Turkmen producers barcodes beginning with the national prefix 483.

The National Organization of Turkmenistan for Barcodes (NOTB) marks the sixth anniversary of its creation on Friday.

Over the past years, the NOTB strengthened its position as a structure promoting the introduction of legal market mechanisms in the national economy and enhancing competitiveness of domestic products in the global markets.

The NOTB became a full member of the GS1, the world's leading supply-chain standards organization, in May 2015. The international organization allocated to Turkmenistan the barcode prefix 483.

Currently, due to the activities of the NOTB, all products manufactured in the country are marked with a barcode.

The NOTB was established in 2014. After becoming a full member of GS1, the NOTB had been authorized to use the brand - GS1 Turkmenistan. The non-profit organization in Turkmenistan includes 1593 structures, including ministries and sectoral departments, organizations, and enterprises of the public and private sectors.

GS1 is an international non-profit organization that develops and maintains global standards for business communication. GS1 standards are designed to improve the efficiency, safety and visibility of supply chains across physical and digital channels.