Turkmenistan’s Rysgal Bank Provides Loans For Home Purchase

Turkmenistan’s Rysgal Bank Provides Loans For Home Purchase
Lending is one of many services offered by Rysgal Bank to its clients.

Rysgal Joint Stock Commercial Bank provides loans for the purchase of housing in Turkmenistan, head of the bank's Credit Operations Department Gulam Sylabov announced in an interview to the Rysgal newspaper on Monday.

Lending is reportedly one of many services offered by Rysgal Bank to its clients.

Briefing on the types of loans available, Sylabov noted that loans for citizens are mainly consumer loans and mortgage loans, which are issued to people with a monthly salary or other stable income, adding that “mortgages are available for home purchases.”

"The bank should take care not only of the income received as a percentage of loans provided to customers, but also of protecting the funds of people applying for these loans, that is, owners of deposits, and their timely, smooth and full repayment," said Sylabov.

The department head said the bank carefully studies each client applying for a loan and stressed that the client's previous entrepreneurial experience, his or her personal contribution to project financing are important conditions for the bank, adding that “in this regard, the bank requires the relevant documents to study the above-mentioned conditions indicating the client's solvency.”

Rysgal JSCB also offers collateral-based loans for the implementation of projects. Thus, numerous livestock and poultry farms, greenhouses, small factories, refrigerated warehouses and many other facilities were financed with collateral for the loan and were successfully commissioned.

Rysgal bank also introduces other advantages that are convenient for customers. In many cases, the collateral is not only property, but guarantees, sureties, and insurance of credit risks can be taken as collateral for a loan.

The bank also introduces the issuance of blank loans, that is, unsecured loans. This right, in particular, is granted to clients who, over the years, have established themselves as a reliable partner of Rysgal Bank with a good credit history and mutually beneficial business.