Turkmenistan's Gündogar Akymy Produces 60 Tons of Sunflower Oil

Turkmenistan's Gündogar Akymy Produces 60 Tons of Sunflower Oil
The company produces Günaý branded sunflower oil and flour, as well as coffee products.

Gündogar Akymy Economic Society, operating in Turkmenistan's capital of Ashgabat, has processed 150 tons of sunflower seeds since the beginning of 2021 and obtained 60 tons of vegetable oil and 90 tons of oilcake, the country’s Rysgal newspaper on Monday.

The company purchased main raw material for production – oilseeds – from local farmers, according to the report.

Equipped with machinery from China, the company's plant for the production of vegetable oil and flour is designed to process 18 thousand tons of seeds and produce 7.2 thousand tons of vegetable oil per year, as well as to produce 60 tons of flour per day.

The enterprise sells its sunflower oils under Günaý brand in 1- and 5-liter bottles.

The company is also engaged in the production of coffee products from coffee beans imported from Brazil.

In 2020, Gündogar Akymy received 6 thousand hectares of land in Ahal velayat’s Sarahs etrap for the cultivation of crops. Utilizing crop rotation practice, the company intends to plant sunflower seeds in 900 hectares, soybeans, rapeseed and sesame in 850 hectares each and wheat in 2,550 of land.

Gündogar Akymy’s future plans include the launching of mayonnaise production line.