Turkmen Company Saraýly Group Offers Modern Approach to Learning

Turkmen Company Saraýly Group Offers Modern Approach to Learning
Saraýly Group offers its services to people of various professions in Turkmenistan.

Saraýly Group in cooperation with Altera, as part of the Alym Saraýly training center, offers online courses for obtaining the ACCA DipIFR (Diploma in International Financial Reporting) certificate.

“In early 2019, online trainings were opened at the Alym Saraýly training center,” says the founder of Saraýly Group Nariman Kandymov. “We, in cooperation with Altera, organized online finance and audit courses to obtain the ACCA DipIFR certificate.”

The training center Alym Saraýly was founded not for profit, but for assisting people in self-education, Kandymov noted during the conversation, adding that the “center offers various benefits. For example, last year discounts of up to 50-60% were valid.”

The founder of the group said in addition to the Alym Saraýly training center, the company also offers financial audit and financial services through its Saraýly, Saraýly-Hyzmat and Saraýly-Baha subsidiaries.

The main goal of the Saraýly Group, established in 2009, is the creation of new jobs. Today the company employs 35 specialists. “The value of our company is people and their passion to work,” Kandymov says.

“In the future we plan to open a ratings company. We intend to provide information about the ratings to readers in a specialized magazine and on Internet resources,” Kandymov told regarding the group’s future plans.

Saraýly Group offers its services to local and foreign companies operating in Turkmenistan. The company also cooperates with KPMG, one of four leading audit companies in the world.

The company will hold training titled “Banking System and the Private Sector” in the coworking center at the Berkarar Business Center on April 22.