Turkmen Agricultural Producer Processes Its Crops

Turkmen Agricultural Producer Processes Its Crops

Parasatly private company, a producer of vegetables and fruits in Turkmenistan, produces a variety of food products by processing these crops. The company is presently working on packaging tomatoes from the 2019 harvest in glass jars of various sizes, accoding to the Biznes Reklama newspaper.

The farm enterprise, located in Baherden etrap of Ahal velayat, has been growing cucumbers and tomatoes in its greenhouse since 2014. The company has also been producing tomato paste since 2015. Products manufactured at its modern factory are shipped to consumers under the trademarks of Noş, Tamada and Özbakjam.

Established in 2009, the company grows vegetables on 10 hectares of land, and also harvests and processes fruits.

The company, which is expanding its range of products, has also launched a production of spicy and sweet ketchups and tomato puree trademarked as Noş.

Parasatly company has also built and fully commissioned on a 5-hectare land a livestock complex with an annual capacity to produce 200 tons of meat. The company keeps around 280 cattle at the complex and aims to increase the number of livestock in the future.

The company received 300 hectares of land to grow fodder crops for the cattle. In the plots allotted for forage, crops such as barley, alfalfa, and silage were planted, and the conditions for feeding and wintering of cattle were created.

The company aims to increase the number of livestock and deliver meat products and steamed meat in special packages at affordable prices to the country markets.

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