Turkmen Leader Gets Acquainted With Agricultural Activities of Nurly Meydan

Turkmen Leader Gets Acquainted With Agricultural Activities of Nurly Meydan
Nurly Meýdan agricultural company operates in a total of 393 hectares of land.

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov during a working visit to Balkan velayat on Wednesday got acquainted with agricultural fields and production facilities of Nurly Meýdan agricultural company in Bereket etrap.

Established in 2013, Nurly Meýdan has a total of 393 hectares of land, of which 343.7 hectares are used to grow fodder crops and 50 hectares are occupied by various production facilities.

The company’s poultry complex has a workshop for the production of chicken meat with annual design capacity of around 8 thousand tons. The complex currently delivers 5 thousand tons of the meat to retail outlets per year. The complex also has an incubator that annually produces 12 million chickens and a production facility with a capacity of 16 million eggs a year.

The company also operates a plant for the production of poultry feed with an annual capacity of 72 thousand tons, a livestock complex designed to produce 100 tons of meat per year, and a greenhouse that produces 500 thousand roses annually.

The head of Nurly Meýdan Tachmyrat Tuwakov told the Turkmen Leader about plans to further expand his activities, increase the number of sheep and cattle, and create company’s strong fodder base.

The agricultural company grows corn on 50 hectares and soy in 24 hectares. Another 222 hectares of arable land is reserved for wheat, barley and other crops.

Nurly Meýdan intends to build a production complex equipped with modern machinery on the territory of the farm in order to establish the processing of products obtained from cattle.

The Head of State instructed to pay special attention to the level of nutrition and ecology of products of Nurly Meýdan.

The Head of State also noted that in the cultivation of crops, as well as in their processing, special attention should be paid to quality and environmental status.