Ashgabat to Host International Construction Exhibition in Late August

Ashgabat to Host International Construction Exhibition in Late August
International Exhibition "Turkmen Construction 2018".

Ashgabat will showcase domestic and international construction products in the 11th International Exhibition "Turkmen Construction 2019" and will host Scientific Conference "Development of Construction Industry in Turkmenistan" on August 28-31, the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Chary Purjekov reported to President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov during the video conference session on Friday.

The events expect to host about 140 local and international companies, entrepreneurs and construction firms, including the representatives from the Russian Federation, France, Germany, Austria, PRC, Turkey, the Republic of Korea and from other countries of the region.

The events to be held at the modern Congress Hall in Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan building will provide venue for domestic and international businesses to exchange experience and establish cooperation.

The exhibition's main focus will be the on the new varieties of domestically produced construction materials and their export to international markets.

During the conference, the main developments in the construction and architecture sector and the industry’s future, including the introduction of digital technologies to this sphere of economy will be discussed.

The exhibition "Turkmen Construction 2018" was attended by 110 major companies from 15 countries.