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Baker Hughes searches for Mechanic

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Location: Aşgabat, Turkmenistan

Category: Services

Job ID: R123189

As an AMO Technician, you will be responsible for:

  • Breaking down and redress a variety of oilfield tools and reassembly in preparation for their next assignment
  • Maintaining, testing and assembling product / tools / sub-assemblies for operations
  • Working to pre-defined procedures in line with established work practices
  • Assisting in reworking, repairing and modifying non-conforming equipment
  • Providing coaching to other technicians in areas of proven competence
  • Handling special projects, as assigned
  • Meeting Compliance with HS&E policies and procedures

To be successful in this role you will:

  • Have a High School diploma or equivalent
  • Know how to read and interpret blueprints, assembly prints and parts lists and follow formal procedures and maintenance practices
  • Possess basic skills in the use of measurement and gauging equipment and processes required
  • Have minimum 3 years as mechanic or related position
  • Have experience with diesel engines, hydraulic systems and pneumatic systems
  • Be able to work efficiently in a team environment and communicate effectively in a courteous manner.
  • Have intermediate English nad fluent Turkmen
  • Have experience with MS Office

This is a shift based working pattern (14/14)

You may be required to remain on call after hours and weekends (rotating schedule)

To get additional information and apply for the position, please follow the link.

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